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Through many years of working with Estate Agents throughout the country, we have learned that simplicity is the key to success when it comes to maintaining your web site and client database.

We also understand that your site visitors come from all backgrounds and regardless of their ability, they should be able to use your web site to it's full potential.

Further, in the UK it is now a legal requirement that the services you offer must be equally available to the disabled as they are to those without disabilities, whether this be in your office or your web site.

That's why we have been busy developing a new 'Online' Estate Agency package that is easier to use and perhaps more important, is Standards Compliant and Accessible to the disabled.
We have been careful to develop both the web site and the whole administration system to the same high standards so that your staff can benefit from this useability as well as your site visitors.

Why Online?

With the wide availability and reliability of Broadband Internet access, an 'Online' system makes sense for many reasons.

  • You can administer your database from any location with an Internet connection*
    Gives you the freedom to work from the office, home or roam.
  • There is no software to download or install
    Saves on setup and IT costs - no more expensive computer engineers.
  • All data is stored in a secure, purpose built facility with daily backups
    The system is safe and running regardless of any internal IT problems such as viruses, network problems or even theft.

Software Features

proAGENT™ online is a modular system, phase 1 of which has recently been completed. Over the coming months we intend to add new modules such as automated client matching which will build on the existing features and broaden it's capability by automating many of the tasks associated with the daily running of an Estate Agency.

As a bonus, these extra features will be added free of charge for our existing customers.


Currently the software will allow you to quickly and easily make changes or additions to the property details listed on your web site. This is done in real time so the changes you make will have immediate effect.

With multiple currency support the software is ideal for those Agents marketing properties Overseas, or indeed Overseas Agents themselves.

Visitors to the site can enquire about individual properties online, the feedback being automatically emailed to you for processing.

Various styles of brochure can be printed direct from the web site including professional quality PDF brochures that can be sent direct to your print bureau.

Feature List

  • Speedy and intuitive administration interface
    Saves time by being quick and easy to use.
  • Easily usable by the less experienced computer novice
    Saves on staff training costs .
  • Standards Compliant and Accessible to the disabled
    Gives you 'peace of mind'.
  • Suitable for Residential, Commercial, Sales, Lettings and Auctions
    Flexible and expandable to suit your needs.
  • Unlimited number of Properties
    Add as many properties as you like, all for the same price.
  • Overseas capability with support for many currencies
    Allows you to market your properties anywhere in the world.
  • Add an unlimited number of images to each property
    Increase interest by adding as many images as you like.
  • Add up to 10 virtual tour links
    Link to your third party virtual tours directly.
  • Major portal support including Rightmove, Propertyfinder and Fish4Homes **
    Just one system to update the portals - and your web site.

Rightmove Propertyfinder Fish4Homes

* Although a Broadband Internet connection is recommended, the system works very well with a dial-up connection although image uploads may take considerably longer depending on size. Access to the web site and administration system is subject to having a current web browser installed such as Internet Explorer.

** The portal data export facility is subject to you holding an account with the relevant company for which they may charge a fee. We make no charges for exporting your data and leave it advertisement free.